Coaching Wins

Client: VP for Enterprise Telecom Firm

Need: High Potential Leader, new to his role as VP initially engaged Coherence to support his onboarding process. As the leader began working particular leadership challenged emerged. The leader was being perceived within his team as being hard on issues and then becoming too soft when conversations heated. Direct reports felt he was micro-managing more than needed and overall, was not involving his team in key business decisions. Generally his leadership style needed to grow with his position—from leading upfront to learning to lead from the back and facilitating dialogue and rigorous exchange of ideas.

Results: Leader letting go of his need to control each conversation and rather help to guide his team toward better conclusions. He held annual collaborative innovations sessions to bring his team together and learned the power of distributing his leadership influence across the team. In 2012—received top 10% in his annual evaluation and is slated for advancement at the firm.

Client: VP of Emerging Payments Regional International Bank

Need: A conservative Top-2 Canadian Bank needed support in building out his team and in establishing himself as regional collaborator intent on building his business through Strategic Alliances. The leader contracted Martín to help him round out his expertise in alliances as well as help him to strategize on how to influence across an international region.

Results: The leader, collaborating with his team, and supported by individual coaching closed three major strategic alliances in Mobile Money and established a regional committee to expand emerging payments as a key bank initiative across 20 markets.

Client: COO for Regional Hospital

Need: Chief Operations Officer was being tasked with implementing a state wide clinic system funded by government grants. Feedback from the CEO indicated that the COO was not being politically savvy enough given the complexities of the governor appointed board, while also not collaborating effectively with the key horizontal leadership team—key to the projects implementation.

Results: Coached the COO through the process of learning to let go and to establish a unique project charter that involved the input of key stakeholder—effectively making “his” project into “everyone’s project”. Ensured timeliness of deliverables through better project management, while improving collaboration and coordination with colleagues in HR, Finance, and IT. Shifted approach with board from too-dry and directive, to being more human and personal. Greatly improved relationship with key board members and successfully launched clinic system.

Client: Regional HR Head for Fortune 100 Company

Need: HR head was interested in building a more collaborative and engaged team of direct reports. From the coaching work, the leader had progressively started engaging in a different leadership model, focused more on organization and team learning through inquiry and direct dialog. Now was the time to have the team step up and begin operating as a unit.

Results: Over the course of a year, we staged two workshops entitled Leadership for Collective Partnership where we engaged the team in planning and reorganizing the way they saw the talent cycle and how they shifted their approach from “order-taker” to “thought partner” to the business units.