Strategic Matchmaking

We align your alliances strategy to your corporate plan, then act as matchmaker and market scout. We help identify potential partners using a predefined set of criteria, make initial introductions to possible game-changing partners, and you take it from there.

  • Aligning and setting the alliances strategy.
  • Innovating together on possible opportunities.
  • Mapping possible alliances across an ecosystem.
  • Identifying possible alliance partners.
  • Preparing approach.
  • Matchmaking.

"Martin developed the alliance strategy for Membership Rewards in Latin America. Due to these efforts we were then able to develop a matrix of possibilities and prioritize based on several criteria: need, what we had to offer, gap analysis, pricing, soft benefits and even brand cachet. The strategy served as a global best practice and allowed us to have the richest Rewards offering in international"

Dan Austin Former Cards Head Latin America and Caribbean at American Express