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Partnerships & alliances together can change the world

We were thrilled to see the partnership between Digicel and Scotiabank to launch a mobile wallet in Haiti mentioned by former president Bill Clinton in the Oct. 1 issue of Time as the first of five ideas that are changing the world.

In a world fraught with inequality, instability and unsustainability, Clinton writes, there are reasons for optimism. He goes on to mention technology, specifically cell phones, as a tool that is bringing greater equality to impoverished areas and as one of five examples of where “creative cooperation” has led to success. Cell phones in Haiti, Clinton writes, “have revolutionized the average person’s access to financial opportunity.”

It’s exciting to see the news about this partnership in Haiti – which introduced mobile financial services to Haitians who had no access to a bank account before the 2010 earthquake – growing. It shows what partnerships and creative thinking, or creative cooperation as Clinton calls it, can achieve. Not only can they bring opportunities for companies to work together to introduce products to the market, they can truly bring about social change, raise awareness and change the world.

We couldn’t be prouder of having been involved in facilitating and developing this partnership, which also earned an excellence award for alliances in social responsibility. The mention by Clinton speaks to the power of working together, of innovating and creating, of putting aside differences, and through hard work, and blood, sweat and tears, arriving at a common vision and seeing it to fruition.

Our “hats off” to the Scotiabank and Digicel teams, an excellent group of professionals committed to making it happen.

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