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Trust, the “Problem” but not the “Solution”

Everything I read a about the importance of Trust in alliances is right and wrong at the same time. Yes, Trust is important for a partnership to develop and frankly critical for the alliance to be established as a self-generating and self-correcting business. And so yes, Trust is the problem, but it is not the solution.

What is the point here? The point is that when Trust is identified as a separate “thing” from the individuals who are uttering the words: “The problem is that there is a lack of trust,” for instance. That particular person makes Trust a separate entity from themselves.

If that person where to say, “I don’t Trust so-and-so.” Then that person now has something to work with, themselves.

Trust is not an inanimate object, that is located somewhere outside of us; it’s a relational experience in the real world and the leverage lies in each of us to walk the path into Trust, and as a collective team that establishes Trust through group interactions.

The solution is Authentic Engagement.

Authentic Engagement is the capacity of both the individuals and the alliances groups to talk from their own hearts and from their experience in a clear and direct way. It also involves building the capacity to listen and hold difficult emotions and sharp conversations. Leaders need to take the time to listen from the others and slowly traverse the journey away from control and fear toward possibility and opportunity.

If this kind of relating is employed, Trust if slowly formed and the ability for the alliance to truly succeed is greatly enhanced.

That is the kind of leadership needed for Partnership Development.

Attached is a self-observation practice to help begin deciphering how “you” can open your awareness of how you Trust and not Trust. From here you start walking your own process toward Authentic Engagement.

Individual Trust Practice

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